Videokunst: okkuperte gleder

Skjermdump: Occupied Pleasures av Tanya Habjouqa

Hæ? Surfing? I Palestina? Snaut ett og et halvt minutt med fin videokunst viser diversiteten og mangfoldet i palestinsk hverdag – og fest.

More than four million Palestinians live in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, where the political situation regularly intrudes upon the most mundane of moments.

Movement is circumscribed and the threat of violence often hangs overhead. This creates the strongest of desires for the smallest of pleasures, and a sharp sense of humour about the absurdities that a 65-year occupation has produced.

This is an exploration of the moments where ordinary men and women demonstrate a desire to live, not just simply survive.

  • Tekst: Sara Hussein
  • Foto: Tanya Habjouqa
  • Videoredigering: Amber Fares
  • Musikk: Stormtrap Asifeh